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  1. Who is CLC?

CLC is an arm’s-length non-agent commercial Crown corporation with a mandate to create value from strategic surplus properties, both financial and non-financial.  Also, CLC is subject to the same legislative requirements (e.g. application process, fees, development charges, etc.) as a private developer. 

  1. What area is going to be redeveloped?

For a detailed map of the site indicating what land CLC owns and what areas are part of this project, click here.

  1. Why is the land being redeveloped?

CLC has a mandate to optimize the financial and community value of strategic properties no longer required by the Government of Canada.  CLC intends to rejuvenate and sell 1 Port Street  in order to produce the best possible benefit for both the local community and the company’s sole shareholder, the Government of Canada.  With that said, CLC will respect the current lease held by Centre City Capital Limited.

  1. What is the role of Centre City Capital Limited?

Centre City Capital Limited is the current tenant at 1 Port Street under the structure of a head lease and operator of the Port Credit Harbour Marina.  Centre City Capital Limited in turn, sub leases space to a variety of business interests that operate on site.

  1. What is CLC’s role in development?

CLC will engage the community and the City to develop a master plan for the site. This plan will inform a development framework that meets the City and community objectives, reflected through site-specific policies of the Local Area Plan. 

  1. When will construction begin?

Before any construction occurs on the property, CLC will look to identify a builder(s) who will then seek approval from the City for development applications.  The community will have an opportunity to participate in a subsequent process related to specific development applications.

  1. What will happen to the marina?

There are no immediate plans for any changes that would affect any of the current tenants at the 1 Port Street site.  CLC intends to preserve the marina function as part of the master plan.  It is a marina operator who will determine the form, design and requirements of the marina.

  1. I have my boat at the marina, what will happen to my slip?

Your relationship with Centre City Capital remains the same as they are the operators of the marina.  There are no immediate plans for any changes that would affect any of the current tenants at the 1 Port Street site. 

  1. What is going to happen with the terminal building?

The wharf shed was built in 1956 and remains largely in its original form. As part of a future development application, a builder will be evaluating and assessing whether the potential re-use of the shed (or part of the shed) is desirable and feasible.

  1. I would like to see more public access to the water, how can you make that happen?

We encourage all interested parties to participate in the consultation process to make your views and thoughts known.  All comments and ideas will be taken into consideration when discussing potential uses for the site.  Click here to provide your ideas.