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About One Port Street

What is 1 Port Street?

  • The site has a total area of approximately 27.6 ha (67.3 ac), which includes a land area of 7.4 ha (18.3 ac) and a water lot of 20.2 ha (49 ac).
  • The site has a frontage of approximately 295 m (970 ft) and a depth of approximately 400 m (1300 ft) on land. The total depth on land and water, measured from the north property limit at Port Street to the south end of the waterlot, is approximately 800 m (2650 ft).
  • The site has a shoreline of approximately 700 m, measured on land at the dockside walls.
  • The City of Mississauga owns land adjoining the site to the immediate west, on the east side of the Credit River. The City-owned land includes the JJ Plaus Park and the Credit Village Marina.

What forms part of the 1 Port Street site? 

  • The site is occupied by two buildings, a 3-storey office building and a large wharf shed, as well as a number of marine structures and infrastructure.
  • The wharf shed and office building have a combined area of approx. 160,000 sq.ft.
  • The wharf shed was built in 1956 and is more or less in its original form.
  • The site contains a number of marine structures including the marina slips, ramps, east and west breakwaters, east, south and west shore walls, the curved training wall and the “Ridgetown”, a decommissioned ship that acts as the south breakwater.
  • A hydro transformer, which serves the site, is located in the north east part of the property.

What happens at 1 Port Street?

  • There are a number of existing uses and functions at 1 Port Street, which relate to the Port Credit Harbour Marina.
  • Port Credit Harbour Marina’s operations include approximately 575 marina slips and accessory marina uses, including surface parking, boat storage (outdoor and indoor), a gas dock, painting facility, commercial and sales businesses, a retail store and a bar/ restaurant with patio.
  • Some of the marina uses are contained within the wharf shed. The 3-storey office building occupants include Centre City Capital Ltd.

Who operates and leases 1 Port Street?

  • The Port Credit Harbour Marina is operated by Centre City Capital Limited, who are subject to a head lease with Canada Lands Company.
  • Centre City Capital Limited subleases space at 1 Port Street to a variety of businesses ancillary to the marine use. There are approximately 15 sub-tenants. Sub-tenants include Bristol Marine, a marine service facility with a boat repair and paint shop, gas dock and sewage pump-out concession. They also include The Store, a chandlery (a shop selling nautical items for ships and boats), and a restaurant with outdoor patio.